Focus on God

These pages focus on God by offering answers to the question "Who is God?"

  • Who is the true God - in differentiation from other "gods"?
  • What is the character of this true God like, and how does he act?

To start with the second question: this question can not be answered completely by anybody living on this earth. God is too great, too superior and too pure, for us to completely comprehend his being.It is nevertheless worthwhile to ask this question and to look for answers, since God wants to make himself known to to us, to help us to learn about him. 

To answer to the first question on the other hand should be simple if we look into the Bible [1] and it should also be clear.  However, sadly enough, most churches, books, songs and others, will not provide answers based on the Bible but perceptions, terms and images made up by men. Since these are often in contradiction of the Bible it is even more reason for concern.

Faith is Good - But in Whom do We put our Faith?

We want to have faith in God and trust him completely. At the same time we want to meet people openly and friendly nevertheless checking thoroughly statements and doctrines made about God and his will. For one thing is sure: if there are differences between what God is saying - in the Bible - and what men are saying - as individuals or in church doctrine, we will trust God.

Some of these especially critical deviations are:

  • the dogma of trinity
  • the God of the Old Covenant is gruel, the God of the New Covenant ist loving
  • once saved, always saved - no matter what one does or believes later on
  • faith in the God and Father of Jesus Christ and the theory of evolution are compatible is just at the beginning, therefore right now we are offering a detailed rebuttal only for the dogma of trinity. The other topics we hope be able to deal with thoroughly in the near future. Notwithstanding that we offer to talk about these topics individually if you give us a call.

We can know God

We should take advantage of this opportunity - to honour God and for our own benefit, as we know not only since Jesus prayed in his most heavily laden night:

And this is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent.

John 17:3

Since "knowing" does not only refer to matters of the mind, we would like to tackle the question "Who is God?" in a way as multifaceted as possible: by means of essays, hymns, collections of Bible verses and pictures of God's creation (at the top of each page).



For this it is a prerequisite that the Bible in its autographs is inspired by God and therefore true in all statements.

At we are taking that as a given. That leads us to having a focus on presenting the Christian faith unaltered, that is as it is found in the Bible. In case you are not convinced for now, that the bible is onehundred percent reliable, you might not be able to follow some of our statements and logic. We offer to discuss your questions personally on the phone taking that perspective into account.


We invite you

We invite you to join us in our quest for truth.

A good place for starting this journey together would be:

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