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These texts reflect our current state of knowledge on selected topics. We are aware that they could contain misconceptions or could be incomplete. We would be sincerely grateful for criticism and additions that are based on the Bible (with Bible references, please).

Some articles were worded with people in mind, that are familiar with the teachings of mainstream Christian churches. This results in foci and emphases, that may not convey a full picture to visitors that are not as well aware and / or indoctrinated as we assume most readers to be.

If you should ask what is in our mind indispensable for the unity and coherence of a community, one important criterion is, which would be the consequences of the differing opinion. For example: whether the Holy Spirit is a power originating from God or rather is best described to encompass God's nature and character, may be a significant question, but it does not make a difference in how a believer would live. On the other hand it could have fatal consequences, if somebody falsely believes and trusts, that he is certain to have eternal life, solely because of his conversion, no matter what he does from then on (i.e. if "once saved always saved" should not be true).

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