The Bible

Main Theses
  1. 99% The Bible is in the autographs (the original writings) without error and inspired by God.
  2. 99% It is therefore in all statements - including in regard to history and nature - and its teachings have divine authority.
  3. 99% The Bible - not the teachings of a church, a group or a person - is the highest authority for every believer.
  4. 99% Bible verses are to be interpreted using other Bible verses.
Supplementary Theses
  1. 99% The New Testament can not deviate from the Old Testament with respect to the characteristic traits of God and the key statements.
  2. 99% Inspired by God does not mean that the intellect, the personality, faith and the background of the writer was disabled, therefore we find differences in style and emphasisin the different books of the Bible.
  3. 99% A doctrine can not be based on one passage in the Bible, especially if there are contradictory statements in other parts of the Bible or it conflicts with the general spirit of the Bible.
  1. How can we discern, whether the canon (the inclusion of the writings) in the new Testament is as certain to be correct, as that of the Old Testament?
    For the New Testament we are lacking the confirmation that the Old Testament has recieved through Jesus Christ and the writers of the New Testament.
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