The Future

Main Theses
  1. 90%The kingdom of God on this earth lies in the future. It begins when Jesus Christ comes again to rule as the king appointed by God according to the will of God for the Thousand Years (Millennium).
  2. 90% At the end of the Millenium the other dead will be awakend and judged.
  3. 99%Subsequently God will create a new or renewed heaven and a new or renewed earth to dwell on this earth together with Jesus Christ and those that received eternal life.
Supplementary Theses
  1. 70%We can have eternal life here and now - in the form of an assurance through God. At first however, our whole being will die (body and soul) and the spirit will return to God, who had given it to us.
  2. 99%Those who were in Jesus at the time of their death will rise again at the time of Jesus' return and receive eternal life with a resurrection body.
  3. 70% Our hope is to be resurrected at the time of Jesus return and the then beginning life in the kingdom of God on earth - not the expectation of an admission into heaven on an individual basis right after death.
  1. What is the situation of believers that had died before Jesus Christ's birth, for example Abraham and David? Are the saved although they never knew Jesus Christ?
  2. What is the situation of people who lived after Jesus Christ's birth but never heard the gospel?
  3. Will the convicted men suffer eternal punishment or will they be destroyed?
  4. Will God create a completely new heaven and earth or will he just renew the existing ones?
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