Main Theses
  1. 99% The universe including the planet earth and all the kinds of plants and living creatures were created by God himself.
  2. 99% The kinds of plants and living beings did not come to be through evolution but were created individually by God. This does not deny the processes of selection and mutation, but the concept of evolution from one kind to a higher one.
Supplementary Theses
  1. 99% Romans 1: 20 states about creation in respect to God and each and every man: "For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead (...)"
  2. 99% The biblical account of creation describes a short time span, not thousands of years, millions of years or billions.
  3. 99% God's creation was very good. In the beginning there was no suffering, no cruelty and no death.
  4. 99% The physical component (the body) is in itself not something inferior, it was a completely adequate part of a perfect creation.  Only later it was corrupted by sin - just like the heart / the soul.
  5. 99% The death of humans is the consequence of the first case of sin in paradise.
  6. 90% The death of animals is also the consequence of the sin of man.
  7. 90% Plants, in contrast to men and animals, do not live in the biblical sense.
  1. Is the biblical term "kind" completely equivalent to the definition of the modern definition of "species"?
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